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Bombardment of complex molecular systems, clusters and nanostructures with synchrotron or laser induced XUV radiation, fast ions, or electrons, leads to a large variety of fundamental processes in molecular physics.In fact, many events can occur, such as fragmentation into smaller molecules and clusters, or even to atomization, ionization, and growth of new molecular species, just to name a few. If the wavelength associated with the incident particle is of the same order of magnitude as the size of the nanostructure, specific processes will arise as well.

Recent technological advances allow new experimental techniques for preparing samples, for example, mass selected clusters, oriented nanostructures, protonated biomolecules, ultrathin atomic layers deposited on solid surfaces, etc. Irradiation with the above-mentioned sources and detection of the emitted particles in coincidence provide valuable insight into the conformational properties of the nanostructures and their dynamical behavior. In addition, theoretical methods are also being developed to deal with systems on the nanoscale.

The topics of EPIC-MAN cover collisions involving photons, electrons, and ions with molecular and atomic nanostructures.

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